A Girl Trip Bucket List

Alicia & Chrissy, KC Girl Trip 2012Alicia and I recently went on a Girl Trip to Kansas City, MO for a weekend.  We shopped, ate amazing food and pretty much chill-axed the whole time.  It was the first trip we’ve been on together since the late nineties.  (Geesh, time flies by way too quickly!)  Now that we live within a days drive of each other I imagine we will be able to go on more of these weekend getaway’s in the future.  KC is a great city filled with all sorts of fabulous things to do and see, and it’s also just so happens to be a great halfway point for us to meet up at.  While KC will more then likely be the location of most of our Girl Trips to come, we have developed our own special kind of bucket list with the Girl Trips we dream about taking one day.  These are the places we would love to see together because in some way, shape or form, they symbolize our friendship and growing up together.

Trip 1 – A Literary Excursion to Prince Edward Island.  Why Prince Edward Island?  Well it just so happens to be the home of a beloved literary character, Anne Shirley, from the series of books, Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery.  Alicia wrote about her love of all things Anne a few months ago which you can read here.  When we were young girls we both devoured these books and watched the tv series over and over again, so this would be such an amazing trip to experience together.  Alicia is the one who stumbled on the Anne Vacation Itinerary on the Prince Edward Island tourism website.  There is so much you can see and do that are all related to Anne of Green Gables.  You can visit many of the settings from the books, like Green Gables, Avonlea Village, the Haunted Wood and the Lake of Shining Waters.  Doesn’t that sound simply wonderful?

Trip 2 – A Culinary Excursion to Hingham, MA.  So, what about Hingham, located near Boston, MA would make us want to fly all the way there to grab some grub?  A restaurant called, Wahlburgers.  Wahlburgers is owned by Mark and Donnie Wahlburg.  Do those names ring a bell?  I urge you to read a former blog post I did here, about a concert Alicia and I went to when we were teenagers, Marky-Mark and the Funky Bunch.  While we both really liked Mark Wahlberg, we were truly fanatical about a group called New Kids on the Block.  For quite some time in our teen years, we both ate, slept and breathed NKOTB.  Our favorite NKOTB member was Joey McIntyre but Donnie Wahlberg came in a close second!  Of course, if we ever do manage to take this trip we would find a few other things to do and see while in the Boston area, but eating at Wahlburgers is our #1 priority!

Trip 3 – A Theatrical Excursion to NYC.  Another shared love that stems from our childhood is a movie called Newsies.  It is a musical based on a group of newspaper boys who strike against the big newspaper companies of the day in New York City during 1899.  I will admit to the fact that a movie full of really cute boys may have had some influence on just how much we loved this movie, but it is also a really great story with loads of fun, catchy, toe-tapping tunes!  To this day we both still enjoy watching Newsies, and whenever one or the other of us catches it playing on tv we’ll send out a text, “Newsies is on!”  It wasn’t too long ago when I happened to stumble on a short video for the Broadway Musical, Newsies.  I quickly posted it to Alicia’s Facebook wall and another dream Girl Trip was added to our list! (I am really hoping Newsies will eventually go on tour and come to a city a bit closer to us, like KC, because that would make this trip that much more easier to cross off our bucket list!)

We have three Girl Trips on our bucket list so far.  Hopefully, one of these days when time and money prevail, we’ll manage to actually take one of them! We would love to hear all about the great Girl Trips you dream about taking with your BFF’s, too.




Seeing as how one of our blog’s focuses is on friendship, I figured now was as good as time as any to tell you about one of my short comings.  Since we are all friends here, I feel I can be completely honest.  After all, if  you can’t turn to your friends when you need to admit something, who can you turn to?

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It is very difficult for me to admit this.  I’ve had many interventions in my life and have been stubborn as hell about admitting that I have a problem with this topic.  Here it goes.  I am obsessed with “Anne of Green Gables.”  THERE!  I said it out loud for the whole world to hear!   But there is something wrong with this admission.  I am not sad about this.  Quite the contrary!  I am happy to admit that I am obsessed with the Anne-Girl.  I have adored Anne Shirley since I started reading and have loved her ever since.  If, for some reason, you aren’t familiar with Anne of Green Gables, here is a beautiful slide show highlighting the story of Anne Shirley.


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There is something very unique and special about “Anne of Green Gables,” written my Lucy Maud Montgomery.  Whether it be your special bond with your best friend, the trials and tribulations of growing up, or the ongoing romance between Anne and Gilbert (Gil…sigh…), I think there is something that most of us can relate to. The book is set in Prince Edward Island, Canada.  It has become one of my dream vacation destinations.  The beautiful shores and country side have lured me in and I can’t wait to visit there someday!  Anne has taught me about how special it is when you find a true Kindred Spirit in this life; that you need to embrace them and love them whole heartedly!  There are so many things about Anne of Green Gables I love, one of which is the story of her and her bosom friend Diana.  It complete embodies how I feel my friendship is with Chrissy over all these years.

For me, one of the main things that Anne represents is the need we all have for love, affection and family.  Anne is an orphan in need of love and because of this, she found love and beauty everywhere she turned:  from the beautiful cherry blossom tree she thought she may sleep in had Matthew not picked her up from the train station, to the Lake of Shining Waters, where her soon-to-be best friend Diana Berry lived.  That intense love she has reminds me of the intense love I have for my two sisters and two brothers.  They are my best friends in so many different ways and I can’t imagine my life without them.   They have been my biggest cheerleaders in life, have taught me how to be self-less and have always made me feel like I could do anything in the world.  I will love them until the end of time and will always cherish all they do for me.  They are four of my most cherished Kindred Spirits.

The love Anne has for Matthew & Marilla, her adoptive parents who are brother & sister, reminds me of my love for my parents.  My parents are everything I aspire to be.  I strive to be the Mother that my Mom is to us all with her unrelenting love, her love of life and her willingness to break a few rules.  My Dad has always made me feel safe and protected, someone I admire and respect so deeply.  Without them in my life, I don’t know how I would have survived many of life’s experiences.  I thank God every day for blessing me with the parents I have.  They have always, and still do, make me feel exceptional.  I owe so much of who I am to them and I love them so very, very much.

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In all honesty, I think I’ve grown closer to Anne over the last few years because living so far away from my family has made me appreciate them even more.  I find myself watching the movie quite often because it makes me feel like I got to have a little bit of home.  It helps remind me that no matter where I am in this world, I will always have my family.  They are there for me no matter what, and I hope they know that I will always be there for them.

~ Alicia