2012 Holiday Gift Ideas for your BFF

~All wrapped up in pretty, sparkly paper and set under your tree by Chrissy~

2012 Gift Ideas for your BFF

2012 Gift Ideas for your BFF by onceuponafriendship

*I fell in love with the sweet cursive lettering on this BFF necklace by Gauge. At $80, it is by far the most expensive item on my list but your BFF’s worth it, isn’t she?

* The jewel Faceted Friendship Bracelet by Anthropologie is a throwback to those girlhood years when making and trading friendship bracelets were all the rage. The fancy, vintage looking, costume jewelry updates this friendship bracelet for your grown up BFF. At only $18 it’s perfect to wear with a t-shirt and jeans or with a cute party dress on New Years Eve!
* As all BFF’s know, rules are made to be skirted! Wether your co-conspirator (a.k.a. BFF) uses this sweet pink mug for coffee, hot cocoa or tea, she’ll feel like a million bucks sipping from this designer label, Kate Spade, mug. The best part is, it only costs $20.  Kate Spade New York ‘say The Word – Skirt The Rules’ Porcelain Mug from Nordstom’s

*These Best Friends hats are perfect for a winter shopping excursion. Who better to shop those after Christmas sales with then your BFF. Sporting these fun, whimsical hats (just $29.99 for the pair) you’ll be sure to spot each other if you get lost in a crowd.  Band of Outsiders Hats : Target

*These canvas tote bags are chic yet versatile. I can’t even begin to tell you how much use your friend will get from toting around this adorable bag!  BFF Tote Bag from cafepress.com

Happy Shopping & Happy Holidays!


**FYI- I was in no way, shape or form paid to promote any of these products.  I spent my morning scouring the wonderful world of the internet for some fun ideas!!!


The Perfect Gift for your BFF

A couple years ago, I was browsing  one of my favorite websites, Etsy.com and stumbled across what I feel is the perfect “just because” gift to give your best friend.  Remember those “broken” pendant necklaces from childhood which when you fit them together read BEST FRIENDS?  Remember how special you felt walking with your BFF arm and arm across the playground, each proudly wearing one half of the necklace?  I had stumbled upon a more grown-up, classy, stylish version of this necklace.  There was no way I could pass this find up.  It was fabulous.

Alicia was living in California at the time, so I packaged up the BE FRI half, handed it over to the UPS guy and sat back, twiddling my thumbs, waiting for it to arrive on her doorstep.  My, oh, my did it take everything out of me not to say something to her about the package that was on its way.  Alicia is usually the one I go to when I have some kind of juicy news to tell.  Ahh, it was torture!  Thankfully it only lasted a few days.  She called me immediately after opening it.   I wish I could have been ther to see her open it but I could hear the surprise and joy in her voice.  She loved it!  While we were on the phone together, Alicia had one sweet little side conversation with her little daughter .  She told her how much she wished that she would have a special best friend in her life when she is our age.  Her daugher then asked in her cute, tiny melodic voice if she doesn’t have a best friend, can she borrow her mom’s.  Talk about breaking my heart with sweetness!  Alicia’s daughter is already such a kind, thoughtful, and just plain adorable young girl, I can only imagine the amazing young woman she will one day become.

BFF Necklace From AccentTreasuresBest Friends Necklaces with Leaf Toggle and by AccentTreasures.        The necklaces seen here from a photo by Accent Treasures on Etsy.com, are only $22.99 for the pair!  I had no problems with my order.  They arrived via USPS mail in a matter of days and the necklaces were even cuter then the photo!  If you are looking for something unique and unexpected for your BFF I would highly recommend one of these necklaces.