“Magic Mike”, One Big Estrogen Filled Night Out with the Girls!

A couple of friends and I have been planning to see Magic Mike since the first preview came out.  This movie quickly became a big event for women everywhere.   It’s not hard to figure out why.  The movie is totally designed with all of us ladies in mind.  It has Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, Alcide from True Blood (or also known as, Joe Manganello) and a few other really good looking men, dancing, gyrating and taking off bits of clothing throughout much of the movie.  I mean, what’s not to like about that?

My girlfriends and I decided to make our movie night into a Girl’s Night Out with drinks and dinner beforehand.  Since it was opening night, and being the very smart ladies we are, we decided to purchase our tickets early so we didn’t have to hurry through dinner.  This was the smart part, what wasn’t so smart was deciding to walk around the mall for a bit, then wander into the theater 10 minutes before it started.  The theater was completely packed with hundreds of other ladies on their own Girl’s Night, and a small sprinkling of about 5 men (we counted).  We wandered around the top half of the theater asking if seats, with purses and sweaters thrown on them, were saved for a few minutes with no luck.  Our only option for seats was two rows from the screen next to the wall.  Our range of view was limited and our necks had cricks in them by the time the movie was over, but we had a great time none-the-less.

Before the movie began, my friends and I were laughing a bit about how all the other ladies in the audience were all middle aged and older.  Whoops, wait a second what were we laughing about?  We fall into the category of middle aged as well!  Sometimes its really hard to remember how old you are when you still feel like you’re only 21.   All of a sudden, the lights dimmed and the anticipation began to build as we sat through 20 minutes of previews, of which I can’t remember one title, but they all looked pretty funny.  Finally, the movie beings, to the thrill and cheers of this now massive estrogen ladden Girl’s Night Out.  Matthew McConaughey is standing on the stage, shirtless and with tight, thight black leather pants on.  We’re all waiting for the stripping to start.  That’s what we all came for right?  We can feel it coming.  Matthew is establishing the rules of the club.  “The law says you can not touch, but I see a lot of lawbreakers in this house…”  YES, we’re all naughty lawbreakers, Matthew.  START DANCING already!!!!  The screen goes black with JUNE in big scroll letters.  What? …..Wait…..NOOOOO.  Where’s the dancing?  Oh wait a second…..Channing Tatum just got out of bed and…..he’s naked and we get to see a glimpse of his nice round butt…. SCORE!!!!  Whoops and cheers erupt in the theater.  Next shot, was Olivia Munn’s breasts.  Boo’s ensue from the crowd.  Not because we had anything against Olivia’s boobs.  Not at all, they are very nice, but this is a crowd full of ladies who see boobs every stinking day.  We want the men!!!!

The story line wasn’t bad, although I would have really enjoyed more of a focus and build-up for the romance between Magic Mike and Brooke.  A great romance movie mixed with the male stripping would have really put this movie over the top!   I can honestly say I was wasn’t there for a story though.  I was there purely for the enjoyment of seeing hot, scantilly clad men perform.  This movie had did not disappoint in this department one bit.   The only thing that really disappointed my friends and I was the fact that we didn’t get to see the whole picture very clearly.  Because of our odd, up close and personal, position in the theater, we were only able to focus on one thing at a time, so I know we missed out on some really good views!

My recommendation to all you ladies out there, who are wanting a bit of fun and fantasy in a darkened theater filled with other women just like you, go see this movie, whoop it up and have some fun!  At the end of the movie, my friend Becky turned to me and said, “What do you want to bet the majority of these women are fans of 50 Shade of Grey?”  You know what?  I betcha she’s right.  I think this movie and the S&M, fantasy filled book that is 50 Shades of Grey, are all of us ladies way of relaxing our inhibitions and being total “guys” for a change.  Every so often, it is really kind of fun to be the oggler’s and not the ogglie’s for a change.  😉


I’ve Died and Gone to Heaven over Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Almonds

Trader Joe’s came into my city over two years ago and my husband and I immediately fell in love.  It is our absolute favorite place to stop for groceries.  We would probably visit daily if it weren’t for the fact that it is clear across town.  Darn you Trader Joe’s.  You couldn’t have had the foresight to know your most loyal and hopelessly devoted customers lived a good 20 minutes out of the way!

Woops, oh dear! I’m sorry.  I’ve done it now. I’m going to have to pause for a quick song break. There is just no getting over it once a song pops in my head. If you are not an avid Grease fan and did not have this happen to you after reading the last sentence in my first paragraph, you can skip over this part and continue reading on below. If you are an avid Grease fan, then you’re welcome!

Ok, I’m good now.  Where were we….

More often then not, my husband is the one who tends to get out to that neck in the woods, so he’ll stop in and pick up some things.  Last week he bought home a new find, Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Almonds.  They are coated in dark chocolate mixed with sea salt and turbinado sugar.  I’m not sure exactly what turbinado sugar is but I really don’t care because, wow, these amazing.  The mingling of these salty and sweet flavors leaves my taste buds singing, “MY, OH MY!”  Eating just one is impossible.  I am officially addicted.  If fact, I even snuck a bunch of them in my purse with me to the movie theater last weekend.  We went and saw Channing Tatum, err…I mean, The Vow!  Why would this be a confirmation of the addictive propertes of these almonds you might wonder?  Well, since I was a teeny tiny girl I have almost religiously followed a certain movie theater tradition, eating a box of Junior Mints.  So, I broke down and ditched my beloved movie theater tradition for the sake of these out of this world almonds.  I can’t get enough and I fully expect an intervention in the coming months.