Wait a second….is it 1994 again, because my outfit seems to think so!

~From Chrissy’s closet!

Warning:  If you don’t like all things shoes and fashion, you might not enjoy today’s post!

Last week I was shopping at DSW, otherwise known as shoe heaven, and I fell in love with a pair of super cute, gold boots.  As you can see in the above picture, I did in fact buy them and have worn them darn near every day since.  There is a distinct possibility that I will be living in them until sandal season starts again next Summer!

Days after purchasing my new boots, I thought I would share a photo of them with all the other #shoelovers out there on Instagram.  (I am insanely addicted to Instagram.)  As I snapped the pic it dawned on me, I’ve seen these shoes before.  Well, not these exact shoes but pretty similar ones.  I sported a pair of bright yellow colored Doc Marten boots throughout much of my Freshman and Sophomore years in college.  Oh my gosh, did I  adore those shoes!  It’s been almost 20 years since then but here I am, once again sporting a pair of yellow boots.

Ok…wait just a second…it’s not just the shoes, but my entire outfit seems to have been inspired from the closet of my old college dorm room.  I’ve got a flannel print top on today too.   If that doesn’t scream circa 1994 Chrissy, then I don’t know what does!!!  Scroll down for my then and now photo’s!

My college roommate, Debbie, and I circa 1994

A flannel print shirt and gold boots 2012

PS- In case you are wondering, my new shoes are from Dirty Laundry and you can hopefully find them at your local DSW.  They had them in silver and black as well!


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