This Heat is Driving Me Crazy!

sunshine Pictures, Images and PhotosI have had it with these unrelenting, scorching summer days we’ve been having here this summer.  In Nebraska, not only have we had the hottest July on record we’ve also had the driest one too. This feat we’ve accomplished doesn’t exactly overjoy me.  These are not records I’d like to see broken.  I’d prefer to watch as Olympians break records, rather then Mother Nature, thank you very much.

I don’t know what is going on with this crazy weather we seem to be having lately, but I can’t seem to help wondering about it a bit when every time I go outside I am blasted by our sun’s blazing hot rays.   And, although I would take hot over cold any day of the week, even us heat lovers have our limits.   This summer I’ve definitely hit it and here are some of the reasons why:

1. The inside of my car feels like it has been parked in Lot 666, just outside of the gates of Hell, from sitting all day in the blazing sunshine.
2.  I can’t buy a pint of ice cream without it melting into a cold soup by the time I get it home from the store.
3.  I normally hate winter but I am beginning to daydream about how amazing it would be to take a polar plunge into freezing cold water.  As much as I don’t want winter to get here, I want it to get here!!!
4.  The weather guys are begining to annoy me.  They really need to find another name for cold fronts during the summer.  If the temp is 103F today and the “cold front” that is coming in is going to make it 98F, it is not a cold front.  There is nothing cold about it.  Stop teasing us like that, please!!
5.  Even Murphy’s Law is all out of whack and unreliable, because I keep washing my car and there is not a drop of rain in sight!

Fall can’t get here soon enough!!!


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