Out of the Movie Archives: Remembering “The Goonies”

~ Chrissy’s remembering a favorite movie from childhood~

The Goonies

The Goonies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can still remember going to see The Goonies at the theater.   I was 10 years old and my next door neighbors invited me to go see it with them.   The movie transported me into a place all young kids long to go.  A world filled with danger, adventure, pirates, excitment, booby traps,  caves, and of course one amazing waterslide!  To this very day, I would still love to go on a Goonies adventure like they had in the movie.  Why no one ever made a Goonies: The Ride is beyond me!  Every other movie imagineable seems to have its own amusement park ride nowadays.  One of you theme parks out there really needs to get right on this.

There were many reasons I fell in love with this movie as a kid.  I’ll admit, right up front, I had one heck of a girlhood crush on Sean Astin.  However, the crush was just an added bonus to what is one heck of a great movie!  Looking back, there were plenty of moments which made it so gosh darn loveable.  These are some of my favorites!

1.  The Truffle Shuffle.  Today, this is probably one of the most memorable Goonie moments of the entire film.  I can’t even count how often I happen I see the snippet below, of Chunk performing the Truffle Shuffle, pop up while browsing the internet.   The Truffle Shuffle was in a class of its own.
truffle shuffle gif Pictures, Images and Photos

2.  Don’t judge a book by its cover.  A guy named Sloth can save the day if you give him a chance.  He may have looked like a scary monster, with his cone shaped head, offset eye sockets, jacked up teeth and very limited vocabulary, but all it took was a bit of kindness, in the form of a Baby Ruth, and you quickly realize he had a heart of gold.

3.  What seperates the men from the little boy’s?  I never knew, until seeing this movie, it’s where you choose to take a leak!  Girls don’t have this problem. Guys seem to want to make everything a peeing contest. 🙂  This scene also leads into when Andy mistakenly thinks Mikey is Brand, giving him a big ol’ smooch.  (Be still my pre-teen beating heart!)  http://www.anyclip.com/movies/the-goonies/rFqy4bnn2htmb/

Mikey Walsh:  This is the little boys’ room and that tunnel’s the little girls’ room.  Let’s go.  (Data, Mouth and Mikey  head into a tunnel.  Brand heads to another tunnel)

Mikey Walsh:  Brand, where you going?

Brand Walsh:   This is the men’s room.  (Mikey turns to head back into the Little Boy’s tunnel.  Mouth and Data exit past him.)

Mikey Walsh:  Where you going?

Data:  The men’s room, Mikey.

Mouth:  Yeah, we’re going to the men’s room.

4.  “Goonies never say die!”  Life is a series of choices.  If you find yourself at a crossroads, do you take the safe road or do you throw caution to the wind and head down the more dangerous road into the unknown?  It’s not always easy to decide, but in a pivotal moment in the movie, we learn what choice a Goonie would make.  Of course, its gotta be the road less travelled.  Could you really expect anything less from a Goonie?

In some strange twist of fate, after I began drafting this post, I happened to be shopping at Target in the men’s section.  I’ll let you in on a little secret.  I was in the men’s section, not for my husband, but because they have all the awesome & super geeky, retro t-shirts that I am totally obsessed with.  If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am am sort of a nostalgia freak.  Over the years I’ve bought some really adorable shirts (yes, I said a t-shirt from the men’s department is adorable.  It is, what can I say?).  I have a Fraggle Rock shirt, a Smurf one and my newest one…you can see for yourself below!



Throwback Thursday – The Trapper Keeper

~Today, Chrissy’s throwing it way back to a “must have” Back-to School item from the 80’s~

I'm Remembering!, Designer Trapper Keeper

Not too long ago I was staring at piles of paperwork, strewn helter skelter across my desk at work, wondering, “where do I even begin to organize this mess?”  My next thought, “If only I had a Trapper Keeper!”

I haven’t thought of or seen a Trapper Keeper in probably 20, er…ok…maybe, 25 years, so I am not sure if they are even around anymore.   Let me tell you, when I was in Junior High, almost everyone carried around a Trapper Keeper at school.  There were available in about a zillion different colors and designs, so picking out just the right one to carry with you for an entire year was of the utmost importance.   I probably stood in the Back to School aisle at Target, narrowing down my options, for ages before I decided on which one was the absolute, most coolest one there.  And, don’t even get me started on how long it took me to wade through the plethora of folders to choose from to fill the darn thing.  My Mom must have had the patience of a saint! 🙂  (I was very excited when I came across the picture seen in the photo above because I had the exact same one!  Cue…giddy nostalgic, high pitch screech!)

For those of you unfortunate to have absolutely no idea what I’m even talking about, well that makes me feel really old! 🙂 Bascially the Trapper Keeper is a sturdy, oversized, plastic three ring binder held closed by a large flap outfitted with velcro.  Believe me, it was an altogether common occurence to hear the distinct, annoyingly loud, crackling sound of velcro ripping open throughout the classroom during the schoolday.  I bet the teachers loved it!   The Trapper Keeper not only looked cool when you were carrying it around at school, it was also an extremely helpful organizational tool.  It was a  fantastic way to keep track of all your homework and loose leaf papers in one handy place.

Today, I am kicking myself for not having kept one of my old Trapper Keepers.  Needless to say, if I had kept everything I find myself wishing I still had from my yesteryears, my home would be a subject of the tv show, Hoarders.   So, it is probably a good thing I threw most of it away!


(Image via I’m Remembering!, Designer Trapper Keeper (clipped to polyvore.com))

Summer Reflections & Back to School Traditions

A few thoughts from Alicia….

Well hello there my friends!  It has been quite a while since I’ve sat down at the good ‘ol computer and hashed anything out!  This summer has flown by for me and my family.  I thought I’d have all these lazy days of summer and would just blog away.  WRONG!  Ha ha!

We have had such a fabulous summer with so many great experiences!   One of the great things I love about summer in our new home state is that our new community is small enough that we actually get to run into friends and do play-dates with them throughout the summer.  Going to the pool is like a class reunion as half of the students and teachers at the kids’ school are all there as well!  So we have not been lacking in the camaraderie department this summer for sure!  We also took a two week vacation back home over the 4th of July to be with our families and see a few friends.  That was such an amazing visit!   My family just LOVES the 4th of July and it was such a blast.  (This 1st picture is of one of our firework displays!)  My son turns into a mini-pyromaniac on that day and it takes all my efforts to make him stop blowing things up long enough to eat some dinner.  My brother also came in for a visit as well so I got to see all four of my siblings along with my parents!  That was an awesome treat right there.  We did so many things back home that I’ll have to write a whole different post on how to treat your home town as a vacation destination.  I’ve got that down to a science! 🙂 Oh yes, and of course I got to see my girl, Chrissy!!  She is the best and we can never seem to get enough of each other!  Other than that, we’ve been relaxing, playing video games, sleeping in and trying our best to do a little bit of school activities to keep the kids’ brains working in full gear.  I hate to send them back to school with brains for mush. 😉

Speaking of back to school, I thought I’d share with you one of our Back-to-School Traditions.  Every year the kids and I make small signs for them to hold up in their 1st Day of School pictures that I, without a doubt, will be taking that morning.  I started this tradition when my son was starting Kindergarten.  The picture above is my daughter’s sign from the 2011-12 school year.  Ever the First Born and planner, I was thinking about all of the future “1st Day of School” pictures and was a tad worried about mixing up the pictures over the years.  I could just see myself tying to be a sleuth and figure out what year certain pictures were from:  “Was this 1st grade or 2nd grade?  Hmm…well, he’s missing 1 tooth so I think it was 1st grade.”  Oh the torture!  So I thought, how about a sign that says “1st Day of School – _______ Grade.”  So I drew block letters out and had the kids color them in and decorate it however they wanted.  It turned into a great way to get them excited for that 1st Day of School and also helped them get their minds off of the 1st day jitters as well.  That 1st year was such a hit that we’ve done it ever since!  This last sign is my son’s 3rd Grade sign from the 2011-12 school year as well.  They turned out so great!

I’ve since had several friends take on the same tradition and they have a blast with it.  One friend suggested one addition to the signs which I am all for.  At the bottom of the sign, add an “When I grow up I want to be _______________”.  This is cute because, as we all know, kids change what they want to be as a grown up from day to day, or year to year.  This month alone, my 6 year old has wanted to be a Mom, a Bank Teller, a Grocery store cashier, a Bartender, a waitress, a lifeguard and a few others.  Can you tell she was wanting to do whatever we were experiencing at the moment?  Okay…yes, let’s talk about it.  There is a “Bartender” in there and no, it’s not what you think!  I’m not bar-hopping with the kids just yet…we were waiting for a table in the bar area at Outback Steakhouse and she was enthralled with the goings-on behind the bar as they mixed drinks and rang them up!  Ha ha!  Anyhow, I think it would be a fun way to capture that little extra memory coupled with a picture of how they looked when they actually wanted to be a police officer, a ballerina or a Mommy.  I think I’m going to add that line in and see what we come up with!

As we all get ready for back to school, take some time to reflect on your summer memories.  What was the most exciting thing you did?  What was the silliest thing you did?  When were you the most relaxed?  Put those memories in your mind’s scrapbook and cherish them because before you know it, those sweet little munchkins will be off conquering the world.  Most likely it will be in one of the endeavors they put on their “1st Day of School” signs.

This Heat is Driving Me Crazy!

sunshine Pictures, Images and PhotosI have had it with these unrelenting, scorching summer days we’ve been having here this summer.  In Nebraska, not only have we had the hottest July on record we’ve also had the driest one too. This feat we’ve accomplished doesn’t exactly overjoy me.  These are not records I’d like to see broken.  I’d prefer to watch as Olympians break records, rather then Mother Nature, thank you very much.

I don’t know what is going on with this crazy weather we seem to be having lately, but I can’t seem to help wondering about it a bit when every time I go outside I am blasted by our sun’s blazing hot rays.   And, although I would take hot over cold any day of the week, even us heat lovers have our limits.   This summer I’ve definitely hit it and here are some of the reasons why:

1. The inside of my car feels like it has been parked in Lot 666, just outside of the gates of Hell, from sitting all day in the blazing sunshine.
2.  I can’t buy a pint of ice cream without it melting into a cold soup by the time I get it home from the store.
3.  I normally hate winter but I am beginning to daydream about how amazing it would be to take a polar plunge into freezing cold water.  As much as I don’t want winter to get here, I want it to get here!!!
4.  The weather guys are begining to annoy me.  They really need to find another name for cold fronts during the summer.  If the temp is 103F today and the “cold front” that is coming in is going to make it 98F, it is not a cold front.  There is nothing cold about it.  Stop teasing us like that, please!!
5.  Even Murphy’s Law is all out of whack and unreliable, because I keep washing my car and there is not a drop of rain in sight!

Fall can’t get here soon enough!!!