Help…I can’t function properly without my cell phone!

At work, while I was reaching into my purse to feel that my cell phone was all safe and secure in its appropriate place for what had to be the bazillionth time that day, I had an epiphany.  My cell phone has become my wooby, or for all of you who didn’t grow up in the 80’s and have not had the pleasure of seeing the movie Mr. Mom, a wooby is a security blanket.

Here are my top three reasons why I believe this to be the case:

1.  I take my cell phone with me wherever I go.  My phone sleeps next to me on my bedside table and is the first thing I grab in the morning when I wake up.  From the moment I wake up, my phone is never very far from my sight.  Yes, this does mean it will even come with me to the restroom.  Now, don’t gasp and act all shocked because I know you all do it! 🙂  Speaking of restrooms and cell phones, this leads me to my next point….

2.  I will go to any length to save my cell phone from harm.  I am not sure if I should admit to this but it does validate the sheer lengths I will go for my cell phone, so here goes, and please do not judge me too harshly.  My last cell phone accidentally fell into the toilet bowl while I was at work.  I was trying to put it in my back pocket when I was standing in the stall and I missed.  When I heard the kerplunk of it hitting the toilet water I did not even hesitate to reach in and pull it out to safety.  Thankfully, the toilet had clean water in it when this happened, however I can honestly say if it hadn’t I still would not have hesitated.  I’ll have you know, my fast reflexes did save it from an untimely and devestating death.  I guess covering it in a bowl of rice overnight really does work miracles!  Unfortunately, it wasn’t 100% the same phone after the near drowning.  There were a couple minor glitches but I managed to deal with it until I once again was able to upgrade my phone, and in case you were wondering, I did wipe that sucker with hospital grade antibacterial wipes for weeks and weeks after the incident!  I saved my cell phone from a toilet but I sure as heck don’t want any nasty toilet germies getting me sick either!!!  Growdy to the max!!!

3.  I go into full-fleged panic mode if my cell phone turns up to be missing in action or God forbid I leave the home without it.  My heart starts to race, my hands begin to shake, I break out in a cold sweat and I cannot think of anything else but being reunited with my phone.  I recently found an app that will allow me to enable my gps on my phone if it is ever lost or stolen from me.  YIPPEE!!!  I feel so much more secure having this great tool at my disposal!  Unfortunately this app doesn’t help me if I just happen to forget my phone when I leave my house.  Most of the time I notice its missing pretty quickly and can swing back home to get it.  But, if I make it all the way to my destination before realizing it’s gone, I am pretty much S.O.L.   There are no apps available to “beam” my phone over to me, so when this happens, I am not a happy camper.  It is all I can do to stop wringing my hands which are just itching to reach out for my cell phone and check my texts/facebook/twitter/email/entire freaking life!!!!  The only cure for my highly stressed out state comes when I once again am holding my cell phone in my hands.  Ahhh, it is such a relief!

You have to watch this cute & funny little clip of the heart to heart talk Mr. Mom had with his son about moving on from his wooby.

Unlike the son, who took his father’s advice and very maturely handed over his wooby to see if he could live without it for a few days then ultimately tossed it into a fireplace, I am not planning to de-attach myself from my cell phone.  I have not a shred of willpower where this little piece of technology is concerned and I am ok with it.  I’ll continue upgrading to newer and better models every couple of years, checking Facebook while standing in line at the grocery store and snapping countless pictures of my dogs sleeping because they look so darn cute!

I PUFFY HEART my cell phone!!!


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