Good Friday, Great Friday!

friendshipHappy Good Friday.  Easter is once again upon us and people everywhere are celebrating it in there own special ways and traditions.  I happen to hold a very special place in my heart for this particular day.  Back in our college days, Alicia and I had a really amazing core group of friends, one of which had his own house where he started what became an annual tradition for us on Good Friday.  We called it Good Friday, Great Friday and it was a basically an excuse for everyone to get together and have a big party.  The parties were a lot of fun and after a couple of years we moved from house party mode to gathering together for a few drinks at a local bar.  Whatever the setting, we looked forward to this day every year.  These days I can’t help but look back fondly on those days every time Good Friday, Great Friday rolls around.

Over the years, after our party days were replaced with more important things like marriages, families and careers, we drifted apart from our group of guy friends and eventually lost touch.  No one likes losing friends but sometimes it happens so gradually you don’t even realize it’s happening until one day you start thinking, “I wonder what  _____ is doing now?” Whatever the case, I am guarenteed to remember those days along with some really great friends, whenever Good Friday rolls back around, or whenever I hear a song from what was our regular dance music playlist at those parties.  Don’t you love how music plays such a powerful part in life that it can evoke such strong memories of people, places and times from your past?

In honor of this special day and in honor of those friends who I will always consider close friends, even though I haven’t seen them in years, I’d like to share some of my favorite songs from the Great Friday, Good Friday soundtrack. (If you click on each link it will take you to You Tube for a quick listen.)  Hopefully some of these songs bring you back to some of your own special memories too!

* Shine All the Time – Blue Moon Ghetto (This is one of my absolute favorites!  It is by a local band here in Nebraska in the 90’s.  Give it a listen, I think you’ll love it!)

* December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night) – Franki Vallie & the Four Seasons

* Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison

* Dancing Queen – Abba  (Alicia and I always made sure this one was played, it is one of our favorites!)

* Stayin’ Alive – Bee Gees  (This one was for my friend Ann, the Disco Queen!)

* Your Time is Gonna Come – Led Zepplin  (This was one of the guys favorites.)

* Come on Eileen – Dexys Midnight Runners

* All Mixed Up – 311

* Girl You Know Its True – Milli Vanilli  (Lol, how this one made the playlist is beyond me. I think we even had some of those smooth moves down!)


One thought on “Good Friday, Great Friday!

  1. Good Friday, Great Friday was such a wonderful time for us all! You summarized my feelings about that so perfectly, Chrissy, that I don’t have much more I could add! I will say that those friends, and they know who they are, are such an amazing group of people. They played such an important part in my life and I am happy to have most of them in my life still. Now that we are all spread around across the country, it is hard to have our annual gathering. Maybe someday, we’ll all move back “home” and we can start this tradition back up! Here’s to hoping! Lots of love to everyone! ~ Alicia

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