Prom Dresses and the Movies

“Andie: May I admire you?
Duckie: If you wish…”
Pretty In Pink

dresses Pictures, Images and PhotosI think it is safe to say we as women, love to have an excuse to dress up in a gorgeous dress and be admired by that special person in our life. If you’ve been to the mall lately you’ve probably walked by this year’s selection of Prom dresses?  They are so bright and colorful and, frankly, really stinking adorable.  They are also a tad bit different then the choices Alicia and I had back in the early 90’s although I still adore our dresses.  We each stayed very true to our own personal style when we picked them out, not trying to look older or more mature then we were.  We picked dresses that made us feel beautiful!  I would imagine every woman who went to her prom remembers picking out her prom dress.  It’s a pretty big deal for a teenage girl.  I even remember where I bought my dress (at a store called 5-7-9 in the mall) and what it cost me (a whopping $100).  Prom dresses are constantly evolving, changing year after year along with the culture and tastes of society, but no matter which decade you found yourself attending the prom one thing will always hold true for us girl’s, the prom was largely about finding that perfect dress!   

The best, and most fun, way I can think of to look back at prom dresses through the years is through the movies.  I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite movies, going back over the last handfull of decades, which I feel showcase prom fashion in some way, shape, or form.  If you think about it as research you won’t feel bad that you’re not doing something more productive with your time, like cleaning your bathroom or tackling the garden, right?  I am sure there are a ton of other really good movies that could be put on this list that I’ve forgotten about or haven’t seen, so please feel free to add them in the comments below!

The 1950’s: For this decade, my picks are Grease and Back to the Future.  Who cares that they didn’t actually go to the prom in either movie.  There was a dance and I’d say the fashion is definitely prom-worthy.  

The 1960’s: I had a really hard time finding a movie about any kind of High School dance from this decade, let alone the Prom.  The majority of teen movies I came across in my extensive Google research seem to involve the beach and bikini’s, which although are really fun aren’t exactly what I am looking for.  I do know dance party tv shows were really popular during this time.  They were the perfect opportunity for teenagers in the 60’s to learn all the hot new dances and, of course, the latest fashions.  With this in mind, I’ve got two picks for movies depicting the 1960’s dance party scene: Hairspray and The In Crowd

The 1970’s:  There is no question about it, I have to go with the movie Carrie here.  What could be better then a movie about Prom based on a novel by the one and only Stephen King?   Boy, did those kids find out they had messed with the wrong girl the hard way!  

The 1980’s:  This pick should come as no surprise since I started my blog off with a quote from this movie.  Pretty in Pink is one of my all time favorite movies but is it just me or does anyone else still secretly hope Andie will choose Duckie, instead of Blaine, when they watch this movie?  Don’t get me wrong I think Blaine is adorable, but just once I’d like to see what would happen if she picked Duckie. <SIGH>  Ok, moving right along, two other great movies I recommend checking out are Just One of the Guys and Lucas.  (Oh, and the Muppet Movie but only because my choice of words has now stuck this song in my head, It’s my post, I can take this wherever I want to go, right?)  🙂

The 1990’s:  Now, I am rather disappointed in the fact that all the movies I found from this decade were from the end of it rather then the begining, when I was in High School.  This being said, my top pick has to be Never Been Kissed, simply for the great prom dress Drew Barrymore had on during a very brief flashback scene of her High School Prom circa the early 1990’s.    A few other great movies to check out from the late 90’s are 10 Things I Hate About YouAmerican Pie and She’s All That.

The 2000’s to present:  This movie might be another stretch of the imagination but it is another favorite, so I’ve gotta go with Napoleon Dynamite.   In the movie, the school dance wasn’t Prom but the fashion is just too much fun not to include it on my list.  It was set in 2003 but there is something about the clothing which makes it seems more like it is taking place in the 1990’s to me.  I think this has to do with the fact that they live in a small town and small towns are notorious for being a few years behind the times.  Whatever the case, it’s one of my pick’s and I am sticking to it!  Another recommendation for this decade is Twilight.  Yes, I am a Twilight fan. Please don’t hold it against me.  I am adding it because there is a great Prom scene with all sorts of wonderful and current Prom dresses in it.  The last movie I’ll include is the movie Prom.  I caught it on cable not to long ago.  It is a cute teen movie from the folks at Disney, and not exactly one of my all time favorite movies, but it is worth watching for research purposes! 

I think it is only fitting to end this post with a photo of Alicia and I before our Senior Prom.  Please note, we did have dates but I’m not sure they would want to be featured on our blog so I choose one of just the two of us.  I want to emphasize the fact that we had dates because we were shocked as hell that we even had the nerve to ask them, let alone that they said yes! 


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