Two Whole Hands..My Baby is Turning 6!

Today is a very special day in my household!  Our youngest daughter is turning 6 years old!  Happy 6th Birthday to our Baby Cakes!! Our little Peanut is such a joy to our life and we are looking forward to celebrating this special day with her. I can’t help but remember her first birthday when she would walk up to me and say “Won”, while holding up one finger for how old she is.  The next year her speech was even better and we got a resounding “I’m TWO!” with two little pudgy fingers.  Somehow, the years have flown by and now our baby will no longer just be one hand of fingers, but two whole hands….six!  I honestly don’t think I’m ready for that!

Since it my youngest child’s special day, I’ll have to brag on her for just a few lines. Little M is such a Mommy’s Helper and loves to help me in the kitchen.  She practically cooks all of our meals now (and I am very serious about this) as she helps me chop the food, pour in the spices and ingredients, and she’ll monitor the food on the stove for me!  She is a Domestic Diva already, as she also loves to dust, clean house, do laundry and just about anything that I do. She is my little side kick and I love it!  Like most little girls, she loves to play house and play with her dolls, but she can be a Tom-Boy as well.  She can rough it up with the boys in the neighborhood pretty well, and she is quite the accomplished fisher-girl!  We can always count on her to catch dinner for us when we go fishing.  😉

Little M is quite hilarious as she has one of those infectious laughs that makes you start laughing, only because she is.  You know what I mean.  We’ve all met people that affect us that way.  She is one of them.  She is also painfully funny.  I have lost count of how many times she has us in stitches at the dinner table with some side comment that cracks us up.

Little M started Kindergarten this year and it has been quite the adventure for her.  She has always been home with me and never went to any day care or preschool, something I’m proud to have been able to give her as a Stay-at-Home Mom.  She is a social butterfly and was very ready for school to start, but was also very sad to leave her Momma.  I know she loves it, and she loves her teacher but I also know that she puts on a brave face at times to get through the day.  I’m proud of her and all she has accomplished this year.  She has mastered reading, writing and the monkey bars!  She’s growing up into a smart, funny, kind, beautiful and loving little girl and my husband and I are very proud of her!

I asked her the other day if she’ll still let me call her my Baby Girl even when she is grown up and maybe a Mommy like me someday.  She said, “You mean just like Nana calls you?”  I smiled and said, “Yes, just like Nana calls me.”  She said, “Okay then, it’s fine.”  I kissed my Baby Girl on the head, hugged her and willed that moment to last forever.  I know she’s growing up, but she’ll forever be my baby girl in my heart.  Happy Birthday Baby Cakes!


4 thoughts on “Two Whole Hands..My Baby is Turning 6!

  1. Paula Connor says:

    Happy Birthday, Maddie! We love you! You are such a joy to have as a granddaughter.

    Love, Nana and Granddad

  2. Aunt S says:

    Happy Birthday Baby Cakes! I love you!

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