Gremlins in My Attic

So the other night I woke up from a fantastic dream around 3 in the morning. I knew that something had woken me up, but what it was I did not know. I listened. I waited. I lay there on pins and needles waiting to discover what had awoken me from my dream of laying on a beach, getting a massage & drinking a Margarita. Will it be my son, who we’ll call “H”, with a bad dream or my daughter, who we’ll call “M”, with growing pains? (Oh those nasty growing pains!) Nothing yet. I KNOW something woke me up. Time passes and still nothing. Gosh, now that the source of the noise is not showing itself, I am starting to worry…please don’t let it be a ghost or a Gremlin! 😉

“Chirp.” Silence. What was that? “Chirp!” (Now it was more of a beep that sounded chirpy.) About a minute went by before I heard it again. “Chirp.” What in the heck was that? Oh no! A sudden epiphany. I knew what it was. The smoke detector beeping to change the battery! OH NOOOOOOOO! I felt this wrench in my gut and my heart sink through the mattress to the floor. Why oh why does this always happen to me in the middle of the night?! Why does it always happen when Scott is out of town or at work?! (Murphys Law…that’s why!)

Smoke detector

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So I drag my sorry butt out of bed and stand there, in the middle of the living room in the dark…waiting.  Chirp!  I spin to my right and head to the hallway near the kids bedrooms.  I wait.  Chirp.  I spin to my left in confusion because the chirp just came from the opposite end of the house when it JUST came from this hallway a second ago!  HUH?  So, I walk to the other end of the house and I wait.  CHIRP!  Would you believe that the chirp was back in the hallway I was just in?  Yup. This was my night for the next half hour!  Only sometimes it would come from a bedroom here or there, then back to the hallway.  I even called Scott at one point, around 4 a.m., in a frantic state.  I can only imagine that my behavior at that point was how someone would behave after receiving Chinese Water Torture.  You know, where they strap you down and let one drip of water fall between your eyes.  Over, and over and over…..  Okay, sorry.  I digress.  Back to the story.

(Side note:  Chrissy saw this video after hearing this story and totally thought of me.  In the video below, I am totally the guy in his t-shrit and shorts walking around in the dark. )

So, my husband calmed my nerves and suggested I pull all the batteries out of the smoke detectors one by one.  Then I would know which battery was the culprit.  So I was good and slowly removed them one by one, waiting for the chirp in between, moving on to the next one.  Guess what happened after I removed the LAST battery, leaving no smoke detectors with batteries??  CHIRP!!!!!!!   SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!  Yup.  Impossible you say?  Nope!  It happened.  I gave up, and went to bed.  Chirp.  Chirp.  I stormed out of bed and stomped through the house looking everywhere.  In the last second, when I thought I was going to go insane, I heard the chirp come from a different direction.  I slowly turned my head to see the garage door.  I went into the garage and waited.  CHIRP!  Above my head, in the garage, was a smoke detector.  It took everything in me to not grab a broom and smash that thing to bits.  I calmly got a ladder and removed the battery.  I then went to bed.  My alarm went off 20 minutes later.  NICE.

All I can say after this experience is that I think there may have actually been a pack of Gremlins in the house that night totally messing with me.  Little punks. 😉

~ Alicia

One thought on “Gremlins in My Attic

  1. Love, love this Post Alicia! Murphy’s Law gets us every time!!! ~Chrissy

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