A Childhood Celebrity Crush Passes: Rest in Peace, Davy Jones

More and more these days, I learn about breaking news from Facebook or Twitter.  Today, a friend of mine posted the news about the death of Davy Jones. For those of you who don’t know who in the heck he even is, he was a member of a band called the Monkee‘s.  They had a tv show also called The Monkee’s that catapulted them into the hearts of preteens everywhere in the 1960’s and then into my heart in the 1980’s when Nickelodeon re-aired the series.  I fell for the little cute British teenager, Davy Jones.  Those boy bands always seem to worm their way into my heart!  At the time I thought Davy Jones was only 16, that they were a new group, and I just might have a chance at dating him when I got a few years older.  My Mom eventually had to break my little heart and inform me that Nickelodeon was showing reruns.   She had watched them on tv when she was a teen.  Davy Jones was her age.  Wow, did that information throw me for a loop.  You’d have thought I would have caught on from the sytle of clothing they were wearing but this was way before fashion held much of any importance in my life.

I still find myself singing various Monkee songs from time to time, my all time favorite being Daydream Believer, and I have always held a special place in my heart for Davy Jones, as I do for the many other celeb crushes of mine.  I am so sad to hear he is gone from this world.  Rest in peace! ~Chrissy

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