Who Has Your Back?

As I’m sure we all know, life is full of moments that challenge us.  Whether it is a good experience or a bad one, we have all found ourselves in a position where we have to live up to the challenge.  How do we handle these situations?  I have found that we all approach things that are unique to our personality.  If you are quiet and reserved by nature, you probably tend to sit back and analyze the situation for the best possible outcome.  If you are strong and confident, you probably charge in with guns blazing.  But what if you find yourself in a situation that is totally, completely, 100 percent OUT of your comfort zone?  You call in for back up.

Now, you know what I’m talking about.  You pick up the phone and call that person that you know will have your back and lead you in the right direction.  We all have that person.  In fact, I’d be willing to bet that we all have numerous people that we rely on, completely dependent on the situation.  For example, if you need to go to the bank for a loan and you are just NOT a numbers person, you call your parents, sibling or friend that you consider THE expert.  If you need to start looking for schools for your first born child and find that there is absolutely no school in the universe that could ever meet your expectations for caring for THE smartest child EVER, you call your Mom for advice or maybe some other Moms you know to guide you down the path.  Or, if you are like most girls I know (including myself) and you need to buy a car, you definitely call for back-up!

Tonight I was told one of the most endearing stories I’ve heard in a while.  It’s actually about two best friends.  We’ll call them Talls and Smalls.  They are actually a younger version of me and Chrissy in so many ways.  Talls and Smalls are loving, strong and passionate individuals who can make everyone in their presence feel so special.  In my opinion, they are both a bit quiet and reserved at times, but Talls is probably a bit more talkative than Smalls is.  They are super awesome and always have each others back.  I’ve never told them this before, but when I think about their names for each other, I’m always reminded of the movie “The Sandlot” with the catch-phrase, “You’re killing me Smalls!” Ha ha!

This week, Talls was having a rough go of things with her car.  She was at her wits end with the Devil-Mobile and was ready to drive it off a cliff and not look back.  But, Talls is a responsible young lady and would never dream of doing something so reprehensible.  Talls was also struggling with the fact that she needed a new car, but wanted to try and do it without relying on her parents as her back-up.  We’ve all been there.  That point in our life when we realize that we always go to Mom & Dad for assistance, but should probably try to spread our wings a bit and do it on our own.  So, what do you do in this situation?  Call in your Best Friend for back-up.

I’m extremely impressed with the way Talls called in Smalls for back-up.  Talls owns the fact that she is clueless on things like “MSRP”, “trade-in value” and “qualifying discounts.”  She is also very willing to push her sweet tiny friend Smalls in front of her and say “talk to her!”  Ha ha ha!   A common misconception about “smaller” people is that they can be talked over or taken advantage of.  I’m happy to say this isn’t the case with my friend Smalls.   Smalls is a strong-willed and spunky individual who knows her stuff and isn’t afraid to speak up, especially for her friend.  So Smalls had NO problem standing by her BFFs side to go car shopping!

Talls found an awesome car and was somewhat torn on the vehicle.  The scruffy Dealer-Dude in front of her was trying to sell her on a car that she just wasn’t all that in to.  (It’s not me, it’s you.)  So, Smalls said that they weren’t settling…off to the next dealership.  It was at this next dealership where Smalls shined.  The Dealer tried to short change Talls on her Trade-In value by quite a hefty sum.  They were also trying to rip her off by selling her a loan with a crappy interest rate.  Little did the Dealer-Dude at this joint know that Smalls had just bought a car the week before with her husband and was all over the fact that rates were even lower than what was being offered.  So Smalls laid it out on the table to the guy in front of her.  About an hour later, Talls was the proud owner of a 2012 vehicle, the color she wanted, with full trade-in value AND the lowest interest rate in town! You GO Girls!  Wooooo hooo!

Talls should be proud of herself for taking on a new challenge, despite her fears, and taking care of things like the young independent woman she is.  I, for one, am very impressed.  And Smalls deserves some major Kudos for guiding her friend and for giving her friend strength when she needed it.  So the moral of the story is to always call in that one person that you KNOW knows their stuff, whether it be your neighbor, your parents, a sibling or your Best Friend.  It’s better to go in with some back up and get the best deal of the day!  🙂

~ Alicia

6 thoughts on “Who Has Your Back?

  1. Great post Alicia! I know you’ve had my back on numerous occasions over the years and I am ever so thankful for it. ~Chrissy

  2. Paula Connor says:

    I really enjoyed this piece… and I found out more about the transaction from you than from Sheila! Well done, Ya Ya!

  3. Talls and Smalls says:

    Talls and Smalls enjoyed this very much. Thank you 🙂

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