Helpful Tips: Beware of that Facebook Post

It’s sometimes very hard to resist clicking on something.  Some viruses can be very intriguing.  I remember when I was in my mid-twenties in my first job out of college, an email virus went around called the “I Love You Virus.”  I was at my desk when a message from a co-worker, a married man who was quite a bit older then I was, popped up in my mailbox.  The subject line read, I love you.  I was extremely uncomfortable and nervous, I had never confronted something like this from a married man before!  How in the world would I handle this revelation, I thought as I opened the message.  It was right about this time when my inbox got slammed with “I Love You” messages from other co-workers and a few minutes later we were notified not to open these messages because it was a virus that got into your contact list.  Whew, was I ever relieved that it was only a virus and not an awkward declaration of love from a married man.

A very common place to be wary of viruses today is on Facebook.  I’ve been on Facebook a handful of years now and over those years have made some observations about a few easy ways to avoid scams, spam, viruses and hackers from accessing your account.  Come to think of it, an I Love You virus on Facebook would probably spread like wildfire.  Imagine getting a message like that from someone in your past.  Yikes!!!!

New Smiley for the sMirC-series. beware!
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Three tips to think about before clicking on that Facebook Post:

1.  If it looks to good to be true it is!  Walmart is not going to give you a $100 gift card to anyone who clicks HERE.  Sorry, it’s just not going to happen.  Just yesterday I was hit by a few attempts at my Facebook account.  I received multiple event invites from various friends that proclaimed, “The first 40,000 Attendants get a free $500 Victoria Secret Gift Card.”  As tempting as it sounded I did not click it.  Look really closely and you will notice the company is called Victoria’s Secret, not Victoria Secret.  I don’t think the company would have gotten something as important as their name wrong in this extremely generous offer.  One quick Google search later and I verified I was right, it was a scam.   Google can be a real lifesaver for these scams, so use it.

no spam!

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2.  If you see a post from your adorable Aunt asking you to “Check this out!”, followed by a variety of things like, “98% of people can’t watch this whole video” or “Find out what your face will look like in 30 years.”  Don’t click it.  Your Aunt did not intentionally post this herself.  She clicked someone else’s link which then allowed some unknown program access to her wall.  Personally, I tend to stay away from clicking on any post that begins with “Check this out!”, unless it is from a trusted website like a You Tube video.


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3.  Clicking on the latest ad claiming you can finally find out who is looking at your Facebook Page will only end up causing you to change your password.  What I don’t understand is why in the world you want to know this information anyway?  Isn’t this one of the very things that lures us to Facebook in the first place.  Each and everyone of us has voyeuristic tendencies, proven repeatedly by the fact that reality TV is so popular.  We love to peek into people’s lives.  If everyone could see who is looking at our wall and how often, do you really think those people would continue to look at your page?  I wouldn’t because I wouldn’t want someone to think I was a Facebook stalker.  I’m not though, so don’t worry my Facebook friends.  I mostly stick to my news feed but I do occasionally check out friends walls or photo’s, some of whom, for whatever reason, I would be totally embarrassed if they could see that I had been looking at their wall.  So, stop clicking those stupid links and continue to enjoy sneaking peeks at your friends lives in absolute privacy.


2 thoughts on “Helpful Tips: Beware of that Facebook Post

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  2. Krystal Rose says:

    Great post and so true! I have seen tons of those scams on Facebook lately! It’s insane. My only other thought is that the store is actually called Victoria’s Secret.

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